Android emulators for Windows 10

Virtualisation is a mature technology today. Hypervisor like technologies afford the guest OS to be agnostic to the underlying hardware. All hardware access is provided by the Hardware Abstraction Layer. Windows Kernel and Android Kernel follow the same approach – in fact all major operating systems are built with this approach and structure.

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Tech story roundup - Week 18, 2016


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Technology stories you cannot miss – Week 17, 2016


5 common reasons for SharePoint implementation failure


We all live in hyper content world. With digital revolution that has started since Turing machine has caught up everybody and every organization. The volume of data that we produce and consume now a days is phenomenal. This created a need for data management systems. Enterprises needed much more than just data management solution. They required user and role management, search, workflow etc. on top of data management. Since such enterprises have enough products from Microsoft running in their premises or cloud they look up to SharePoint as intranet solution which will address all their needs from data management to business process management. 

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The Journey of Quality Management System (QMS) towards Business Management System (BMS)

ISO 9001:2015 standard is now arrived and it is one more step towards revolution in the QMS implementation. Actually there are many transformations in the ISO 9001 standard since 1987. Just have a glance.

Topics: Quality Management System(QMS) Business Management System(BMS)

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