In Memory Cache Framework

What is In Memory Cache?

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Bridging the Digital Divide Part II – Why is it so important to cross the Digital Divide?


In the previous blog, you read about the Digital Divide, its effects and why and how mainly it is increasingly becoming a social issue.

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Technology news from around the globe - Week 34, 2016


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Azure Security Center

Microsoft Azure is a public cloud computing platform which can create, deploy and manage applications over the internet or in a private network. It provides a bunch of services starting from compute analytics, storage to networking. Though Azure cloud offers a lot of attractive aspects such as reliability and scalability, security is one of the important concern for the enterprises who are planning to move on Azure cloud.

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Bridging the Digital Divide Part 1 - The Global Digital Divide


Well! Before the beginning of 20th century, digital divide meant a gap between those with and without telephone accessibility; after the late 90s this was referred mainly to describe a divide between those with and without internet access, in particular broadband.

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